Individual Tuition  

Individual lessons are tailored to suit students' needs; whether they be for pure enjoyment/ personal development; to build repertoire, prepare for an audition, sing confidently in languages other than English or to work on original material. rhythm and picking techniques and tools for improvisation and song writing. I am a passionate advocate for strong aural skills as the foundation for musicality. Music is an aural process which, with encouragement and eventually training can establish a musical ear for life. My own observations as a teacher over the last 25 years, have shown me that young children (and adults!) learn very quickly by ear and by the time they reach the age of 12, they can then associate written notation with the sounds and positions they have learned vocally and on their instrument.


Singing (contemporary)

I place emphasis on awareness and enjoyment of one's own unique voice. Individual lessons include voice care, breathing and anchoring techniques, warm-up exercises, scale and interval recognition, improvisation, singing in other languages and music theory. I encourage students to explore a wide range of styles including jazz, Latin jazz, and traditional folk. There are so many incredible singers out there from whom to draw inspiration!


I base my guitar tuition on classical guitar technique using the AMEB classical guitar syllabus and Coles Spanish Guitar Method as well as other melodic material. Students also have the opportunity to learn chords and strumming techniques; to develop their own repertoire and write their own songs if they wish. At a later stage we work on music theory including scales, and harmonic theory and understanding and writing basic chord charts. Again I encourage students to listen to a broad range of styles.

Most importantly I want students to have fun and feel inspired to play outside of lesson times!




I have an up-to-date Australian Working with Children Check.


Please register your interest and details on the Contact Page.


Current Fees:


Individual tuition as of 2019


1/2 hr =$37 (2nd child $35, 3rd child $32)

1hr     =$70




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