"Kirti has a special knack for nurturing the musical interests of children. My two sons are developing quite a repertoire of beautiful songs and rhythms which are inspiring, achievable and directly reflect their interests. Kirti has unlocked the world of music for them when others have tried and failed. I am so very grateful for her warm and wonderful ways"


Jo, mother of Scott 13 and Angus 10 (ukulele students)



"Kirti teaches with a gentleness and humour that disarms and relaxes the little musician. She perfectly pitches the lessons to where your child is at and encourages them to use their imagination and to have lots of fun! She also can challenge a child or (adult!) learner to really grow"

Alex, (ukulele student) mother of Indi 10 and Tilly 7 (guitar students)

"Kirti is a very gifted teacher.  She has music literally in her and is able to easily break that down for students to learn.  I love her sense of fun which is always bubbling under the surface, ready to explode tense moments of musical concentration.  I have personally learnt so much from Kirti"

Sarah Poole (60 year old ukulele and singing student)

"My boys aged 7 and 9 have just begun learning piano with Kirti. They are taking to it like ducks to water and I'm sure its because Kirti has such a lovely, warm, encouraging way of teaching. They are learning the basics including scales and reading music as well as having fun with tunes they like and request from her. I'm thrilled! Thankyou Kirti."


Bridget, mother of Cormac 11 and Bromley 9 (piano students)

"The [wedding] song was amazing!! People laughed and clapped along I made all the girls in the room teary and my sister and brother in law loved it!! Thank you so much Kirti for all your help.. You have made me so much more confident in my own voice. I wish you could've been there xx I smashed it!"


Celeste, 28 (singing student)

"Thanks so much for this progress report Kirti. It's a treasure. You have been amazing for [Arielle],  nurturing her passion and a great role model to aspire towards"

Sam, mother of Arielle 12 (guitar student)

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