Dear Cedar

Kirti Mills, Emma Tonkin and Jo Windred pick up the threads of their Irish and Scottish musical inheritance where it becomes Appalachian mountain music . With three part harmony, guitar and guest fiddle players, they sing songs brimming over with rich imagery and poetry, evoking the harsh mountain life made sweeter by a melancholy song on the porch. Dear Cedar bring many years collective experience in music and life. The effect is evocative and authentic; hauntingly beautiful..

Queen of the Isles

 Jazz quartet, Queen of the Isles, are Kirti Mills (vocals, ukulele), Mike Crook (guitar, lap steel, ukulele, vocals), Ivan Tagg (double bass, vocals) and Quentin Frayne (drums and vocals). Inspired by the Hawaiian and Jazz musicians of the 30's and 40's , they infuse early jazz standards with gorgeous, complex three part harmony; and apply Jazz form and harmony to Hawaiian repertoire.



 I arrange and perform with other wonderful musicians; songs from Brazil, Peru, Spain, Mexico, France and India. I love to blend the instrumentation of traditional fok music, with contemporary harmony and rhythm.

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